Booking Policy
  1. The Clubhouse premises are open to members and guests only.
  2. Members using the Clubhouse facilities or F&B services may be required to show their membership card in person where necessary. Any replicated forms such as photocopies, photos in iPhones are not accepted.
  3. Members may make reservation with the Chinese Restaurant on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. In making the reservation, members are required to give their full name and membership card numbers for our booking record.
  5. Members may, with the permission of the House & Bar Sub-committee and the President, use the Chinese Restaurant for private events in non-business hours. Service charges are levied on such events unless the House & Bar Sub-committee and the President otherwise determines.
  6. Members are prohibited to bring their own food or drinks to the Club premises other than red and white wines and birthday cakes at a charge. A corkage charge of HK$100 is levied on the first two bottles of wine with HK$50 for each additional bottle. Life members are exempted from corkage charges.
  7. Members are required to pay food costs for their special orders on cancellation of their reservations unless such cancellation is notified to our Manager two days in advance of their event.
  8. Time of Reservation
    Members may make reservations by telephone, commencing from 10:00a.m. on Monday to Friday and from 11:00a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
  9. Special Offer to other HKU Alumni Groups. HKUAA welcome otherĀ Alumni Groups of HKU to book our Clubhouse function room for their monthly meeting with the following special offer:
    • Waive of minimum F&B spending which is charged for room reservation