Inaugurated in 1937, the Hong Kong University Alumni Association (HKUAA) is one of the longest-standing alumni associations of the University of Hong Kong. It grows and changes with time but remains vibrant and connected to date.
With its self-owned Clubhouse in Central, we offer members a well-located venue for superb Chinese cuisine, events and gatherings. A dedicated executive committee organizes a variety of social and networking activities throughout the year.
We boast more than 30,000 members, all of whom are HKU graduates. Moreover, the HKUAA network extends beyond Hong Kong with overseas chapters in Beijing, London, Singapore, New South Wales, Victoria, Northern California, Southern California, New York, British Columbia and Toronto.
All in all, HKUAA is an association that promotes fellowship, camaraderie and networking for generations of HKU graduates, bridging the gap between different age groups.


A sustainable and well managed university alumni entity which constantly seeks to provide value-added opportunities and services to its members whilst at the same time facilitate and enable alumni to develop and maintain:

(a) close linkages with the University
(b) respect and leadership position in the Community
(c) mutually beneficial and meaningful fellowship with members of the University staff and student and particularly other alumni members and to inculcate a sense of pride and ownership for being member of the Association.


1. Establish and maintain an effective communication infrastructure among members.
2. Cultivate a strong sense of belonging and ownership.
3. Create value and benefits for members.
4. Promote professional and personal development opportunities for the benefit of members (career planning, skill development, further study).
5. Enhance bonding and fellowship via social, cultural, educational, sports, scientific and special interests activities.
6. Contribute to HKU’s vision to sustain its excellence and status as a pre-eminent international university in Asia and support its activities including fund raising and sponsorship programmes.
7. Encourage and facilitate members to contribute to the society as leaders and responsible citizens.
Core Value Culture
  • They are best depicted in WISER as:
  • Wisdom
  • Integrity
  • Synergy
  • Equality
  • Respect
  • Expand on HKU heritage
  • Excel from harmony
  • Prosper by synergy
  • Thrive on mutual respect
  • Blossom through transparency and fair play
  • Flourish upon uncompromising ethics
  • Comfort amidst peaceful enjoyment